Workbook Bundle

Spiritual Authority Cohort Course Workbook BUNDLE
This BUNDLE includes the Course Workbook as well as other Novo materials you’ll need for the Spiritual Authority Cohort.* When purchasing this product, you will receive:
  • Course Workbook - a spiral bound workbook with everything you'll need for each module of the Spiritual Authority Cohort, from pre-work assignments to lab instructions to mid-month meetup guides
  • Novo Foundation Booklets - three booklets (Word/Deed/Power, Engaging the Supernatural, and To the Ends of the Earth) assigned as part of the pre-work
  • The Facilitating Inner Healing Booklet - a step-by-step guide to facilitating inner healing developed by the Navigators and used during module 3
  • Listening to God Guidelines and Inner Healing Guidelines - 2-sided bookmark used for modules 2 and 3
  • Kraft’s “Who We Are” Statements card, used for module 1
*Course books must be purchased separately.

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